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Sierra + Jeffrey | The AMERICAN CLUB RESORT Take-OverIMG_0293

Kelly gave Jeff and I the most perfect wedding day we could have imagined!

She has such an eye for all the details and her skills and knowledge made the planning process fun instead of stressful! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. If you’re looking for a seamless day from start to finish, Kelly is the perfect planner!! Sierra Kellen

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The absolute best decision I made was to have you help me in planning Laura’s wedding! It would not have been the awesome day that it turned out to be. I will forever be grateful. – Pam Wilson


21 Lisa_Rick_reception-318

I was recommended to Kelly through a friend of a friend and I am so glad to have met her. She organized my backyard wedding reception following our destination wedding. Kelly was on top of everything from the start. Understanding my vision, she came up with awesome ideas and touched base with me frequently. She also made great vendor recommendations. Kelly is such a fun person to work with and went above and beyond for me making sure my reception was perfect.

I Highly Recommend!!!! – Lisa McClenthen

JENNA + NICK | Showers of Blessings or Rain, It Ain’t No Thang!

End of the Night

I have been reminiscing about Nick and my wedding due to our first anniversary.

I can’t believe a year has gone by already.

We are immensely grateful for all the amazing people who helped make our wedding day perfect.

Kelly Delamater of Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events was the heart of the entire wedding day and all the planning prior. Nick and I would not have been able to do half of what Kelly did.

Choosing her to be our Wedding Planner was the best decision we made.

I will always look back on this day with a happy heart,  Jenna Kloster

Jennifer + Bill = FIREWORKS | 4th of July Wedding

Prairie St Brewhouse 4th of July Wedding Prep

Where do I even begin, Kelly is amazing! I fell in love after meeting with her the very first time. Her ideas, guidance and expertise is one of a kind. I was living an hour and a half away, and she met with my mother multiple times, always sending emails, texts, and calling to keep me informed and up to date. She worked around my crazy schedule to meet with me at coffee shops, random days and times. She took my wedding thoughts and ideas, and helped make them into reality, with even more perfection than I ever could have imagined. The wedding day went off without a glitch. I had no stress and was truly able to enjoy my entire day. She was behind the scenes from early morning to the very end of the day! I never thought I needed a wedding planner until I became overwhelmed with all the information, vendors and decisions about a month and a half from my big day. You don’t know what you don’t know, and Kelly helps with every detail that you have never even thought of. She took that huge burden of stress off of me, and allowed me to enjoy that special time. My husband and I have never seen such a beautiful reception, and I am so lucky that Kelly made it all happen. I encourage every bride to reach out to her. She is such a blessing and a sense of calm in such a chaotic time. Love her!!!!  – Jennifer Roman

Ali + Dustin | Life’s Fuller Now


Kelly was simply amazing!!  I was a bride with high anxiety and wanted EVERY little detail everywhere. Not only did Kelly make sure that happened she kept my anxiety WAY down! Kelly provided me with an excellent timeline and she FOLLOWED it. I am ALWAYS late but not on my wedding day, I was early!! Kelly was on top of it-checking things off and making sure we were all smiling! She never let me get worked up and most importantly the day of the wedding I was able to enjoy the ENTIRE day with my bridesmaids and groom with ZERO stress. Kelly is FANTASTIC!! If you do not have Kelly for your wedding day then you will be missing out on some amazing memories!! Thank you Kelly for assisting us with our wedding!! xoxoxox Alison Fuller

S + R | Do the BREWhouse

Prairie St. Brewhouse Wedding Prep

I was dead set on being a DIY bride, and during the early months of wedding planning that seemed to be a feasible idea.  As I spent one night looking through blogs of weddings in my area, I kept seeing the same name at the bottom, “Backyard Soiree.”  It was no coincidence that Kelly at Backyard Soiree had planned each of the weddings I had been admiring.  After meeting with her, I knew I wanted her involved in my wedding.  By the time I met with Kelly, I thought I had “done almost everything” for the wedding, and I didn’t think I could afford a planner, but I was wrong.  Kelly was flexible and understanding about our budget restrictions.

I’ll tell you why she’s amazing with five reasons.  First of all, Kelly knows everyone.  She looked at the people I had hired and was thinking about hiring and gave me some very valuable and money-saving ideas (hair/makeup/cake/transportation/video).  Second, she makes the most amazing wedding timelines.  She put things on the timeline that would have NEVER crossed my mind, but were things so vital to ensuring we had “the best day ever.”  Third, she has boundless energy.  There was never an email that she did not reply to quickly.  She was always there to answer my millions of questions and/or squash some of my stresses (what if it rains?! Ah!).  Fourth, she’s on your side.  I’m a pretty passive person and will usually just say “yes” but that doesn’t always bode well as many people want input on your special day.  Kelly will learn what YOU want and will make it happen.  And fifth, the stress level on the day of my wedding was non-existent because of Kelly.  I woke up, showered, and the rest of the day was fun!  I know if I hadn’t hired Kelly, I would have been coordinating with all of the vendors, directing guests, decorating, and dealing with the millions of little things that can come up.  Kelly took care of all of that, and let me and my husband have the best day ever.  I’m sure you can have a wedding without Kelly- but trust me when I say – you don’t want to!  Thank you for everything Kelly – you gave us the most perfect wedding. – Suzanne Starnes


18 2015DiazPhotoStudio-1-33-1


What would we have done without you? I am so grateful for all of your hard work – you, truly, are amazing! You were an integral part of making our day possible, and so special and perfect. We love you! Love, Erin Nornberg


You made our wedding a truly unforgettable experience. I can honestly say that I never ever want to do that again, because I do not know how a better time could have been had. It was an honest dream for both Erin and I.

When you promised us that the day would be worry free and that all of our guests would leave saying, “THAT WAS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!” – I believed you…but, Boy! Did you deliver!

You are a true JOY to work with. The level of attention and care that you bring to the experience is very hard to find.

Thank you for everything, Kelly

We will remain in touch – Ryan

A + A | A Kentucky Kind Of Wedding Day

Our wedding would not have exceeded my expectations without Kelly! She really listened to my initial vision and helped to create every detail around it. Even being a long distance planner, Kelly committed more time and energy than ever expected to make the day flawless and stress free for me, my family, and my groom. Her spunk and high energy set the mood for the excitement we were building towards the big day! I would recommend her to every bride near and far as she took care of elements of the day we were completely unaware we needed to be thinking about and relieved all pressure on the day of our wedding. I consider Kelly a friend and I am thankful for her precious time and love she put into our truly magical day!  Abby and Austin Nyquist – New York and Owensboro, KY

Nichole + Mat | A Love Worth Waiting For

Today is our daughter’s one year anniversary. I’m feeling very nostalgic and reflective about their wedding and I am humbled by the many friends and family that came together to celebrate their union. I feel quite sure the day would have been very different had we not discovered Kelly and her wonderful staff. As the mother of the bride, working full time, having a daughter living 2000 miles away, our future son-in-law living 2500 miles away, three different time zones and a nine month timeline, I was overwhelmed. I had never been involved in an event of this magnitude or importance. Coordinating and comprehending budgets, timelines, DIY projects, décor, vendors etc. was outside my wheelhouse for sure. Kelly kept the planning process fun, focused and stress free. She was an excellent listener and knew how to transform a few disjointed ideas into a cohesive, thoughtful and memorable event. Kelly’s energy was limitless, response time was quick and most importantly she made sure each decision honored Nichole and Mat’s vision for their special day.

The positive relationships Kelly has built with the various vendors definitely enhanced communication so everyone was clear on their role and timeline for the day. Abby from Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events, and Erin from Event Floral were invaluable in getting the décor for the day set up. The end result was far beyond our expectations. It was such a sweet moment to see the joy on Nichole’s face when she walked into the room to see her vision transformed into reality. Abby, with her sweet disposition and calm demeanor, kept the wedding party organized and took charge of our guests throughout the day. As a result we were able to relax, mingle with our guests, and simply enjoy watching the day unfold. Simply put, we cannot thank Kelly enough for taking us under her wing, leading us, loving on us as if we were her own and helping Nichole and Mat experience firsthand ‘The Best Day Ever’.  – Jane Steffen, MoB

Nichole + Mat | A Love Worth Waiting For

We could NOT be more grateful for all of Backyard Soiree’s help in planning our Big Day! It’s hard enough to plan a wedding in Illinois all the way from Dallas, but moving to Sacramento the week before the wedding was a huge endeavor-we truly would’ve been lost without you. You captured every detail and executed each one in the most professional and precise way. It was so reassuring that you were always available, no matter what time of day, and we could feel that it was your JOY to make our day as perfect as possible. We will look back on this day without a single regret thanks to all your patience, creativity, and time!! We would gladly and strongly recommend Backyard Soiree to anyone and everyone who desires a fun, unique wedding that goes off without a hitch! – Nichole Szula, Sacramento, California


A + B = Y 

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and we cannot thank Kelly enough for all of her hard work and dedication throughout the entire planning process.  I contacted Kelly as soon as we had chosen a date that worked for both the church and reception venue we wanted to use.   I knew with our busy schedules over the next year and a half, that I wanted to bring a planner in to help from the beginning.  I was well aware that inquiries to vendors, arranging meetings, and everything else would be timely and difficult to do on my own with work and my schedule.  After meeting with Kelly for the first time, I knew she was the perfect person for the job and could take our vision of our big day and make it a reality.  Kelly helped alleviate any of the initial stress I had about contacting vendors, obtaining quotes, coordinating meetings and anything else I would be concerned with during the planning process.  She truly takes the time to learn about the bride and groom and what your needs and wants are.  After taking the time to get to know you, she offers a variety of suggestions for vendors to meet with that she thinks will best fit you.  She will also take the time to research other options and ideas you may be looking for.  She is excellent at thinking outside of the box.  You know you are in good hands when someone is that thorough to make your special day everything you wanted it to be.  The bride and groom are her number one priority and she never lets you or any vendor you are working with forget that.   She always worked her hardest to best accommodate my schedule when arranging meetings and her communication not only with myself, but the vendors, as well, was above and beyond.  Everyone involved was always aware of what was happening and updated immediately if anything changed.  I cannot explain how much of a relief it was and how thankful I am to have had her in place to coordinate everything.  She held everyone involved to a timeline throughout the months and days leading up to the wedding, so that nothing was unaccounted for.   I cannot also express enough of how well the rehearsal dinner and day of timeline was put together.  Everyone knew exactly where to be, at what time, what needed to be done or was happening at that time.  It made the entire day flow so smoothly and allowed for extra time if needed.  She was on point every step of the way that day which helped everyone else be as well and was able to accommodate any changes that had to be made.  I truly admire her work ethic along with her creativity, planning and organizational skills.  She is one of a kind and I cannot thank her enough for all of the countless hours she put in to help make our special day perfect.  I am so lucky have had her along on this journey and gain a lifelong friend during the process! – – – Brittany Yardley

Jess & Jeff’s BEST DAY EVER! 


Kelly!!!I’m so happy to have worked with you on our best day ever. I could not have done it without you. I wish there was something more to say besides thank you. I cannot thank you enough for creating our best day ever. I have replayed our wedding day over and over in my head with a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes as I think back on how truly magical the day was for us. One of my favorite memories was walking into the reception room and seeing all of my ideas together that you had brought to life, it was such a perfect moment that I will always cherish. The entire day was seamless, picture perfect and the fairy tale I had always wanted. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great visionary, creator, planner and most of all fun-loving friend during this wonderful time. You had such an impact on not only me but my fiancé and our parents as well during this time as you made this time so special and fun for us. You are THE wedding planner. Jessica Hogan

Mother Of The Bride for Jess & Jeff’s BEST DAY EVER


Dearest Kelly, (Wedding Coordinator Extraordinaire!)

Where do I even begin to thank you for helping coordinate one of the most important days of our lives, known to Jess & Jeff as “the Best Day Ever!”

The entire journey to “I Do” was a great experience! It was so enjoyable and the reason I never felt stressed was because I knew you had it under control! (Sorry for your stress! LOL!) I, as the Mother of the Bride, was able to enjoy doing the things for Jessica that were important to me to do for her and to be available for her to work on any idea she had along with having time to devote to a few surprises for her, make and wrap her Grandma’s cookies, and host some parties.

Your wisdom and guidance in the Wedding Department is exceptional and all of the decisions you made on our behalf were perfect! One of the other areas where you were so greatly instrumental was sharing your unbelievably precious resources with us such as Awesome Ryan Davis, Luxe and Embellishments…and the biggest treasures of all  ~ Shannon & Sarah Axelson! Their offerings were the perfect final touches for Jess and Jeff’s “Dream Come True Wedding”!

Mostly, Kelly-Girl, I cherish your friendship and the giving of your heart and soul (Blood, Sweat & Tears!) to oversee everything and pull it all together in the most spectacular way! You really are gifted at seeing the big picture as well as attending to each and every teeny-tiny detail and you know how to make anything happen!

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to have the JOY of looking at Jessica & Jeff’s wedding journey with happiness and grande satisfaction!

I love you forever for helping us have a Fairytale Wedding and for being a devoted dear and cherished friend to all of us,


Amy + Andrew’s Swedish Midsommar Wedding

Ascension Chapel | Augustana College, Rock Island and the Outing Club, Davenport


Dearest Kelly,

There are no words that can express our gratitude – we are so thankful for you.Thank you – Thank you for being our confidant, our friend and leader of our most special day!I so appreciate your organization and attention to detail, and always making sure everything was done and on time!I loved all the phone calls we had (at all hours) and SO miss you in my daily life!What I may appreciate the most, however, is how you always kept our best interest at heart. As frustrated as I became, on more occasions than one, I was at peace knowing that you had it covered!You are a gift – everything and more I could have wanted in our Wedding Planner. You are the Package Deal: professional, fun, personable, positive, classy and knowledgeable.Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. You are so incredibly talented. All The Hultquist sing your praises whenever we can!We love you! xoxoAmy & Andrew (“kiss kiss!”)

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Dear Kelly,We are so grateful for all of your hard work and the wonderful ideas you contributed for our wedding!It was the most amazing day – and your help made it not only beautiful, but also seamless.Thank you, again, Kelly.All our love, Colin and Maggie

The Knot – REVIEW with 5 STARS & a Tried & True Rating

Kelly is amazing! I could not have pulled off this wedding without her! She was so bubbly and kind through the whole process and very calming the day of.I didn’t have to worry about a thing during my wedding because I knew Kelly would take care of it all and she did! The wedding went so smoothly because of her direction and suggestions.If you want to have way less stress during your wedding planning process and then on the big day itself, hire Kelly! She is awesome! Amber Veigel

Katie + Brian | Donuts! Cronuts! and  Dahlia’s! Oh My!

10442539_10100264370955642_7376560131167058790_nI can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to work with Kelly as we planned our wedding. I am still receiving compliments on the decorations, music, food and location almost a year later. I would  use her services again in a minute and have recommended her to many friends in the Chicagoland area. My vision was realized through her excellent advice and suggestions. Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events is the way to go!  –Katie Wilkin



The Haven Network – Northern Illinois Prenatal & Hospice CenterRecently, I had the privilege to work with Kelly Delamater of Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events for The Haven Network benefit. Kelly was simply amazing.When I sat down with Kelly to discuss the annual event and my vision for the event, Kelly was immediately on board and promised me not only the outcome I envisioned, but more.  She knew exactly what I needed to make this event a memorable night and one people would want to come back to again and again.Her leadership and ability to obtain other vendors to donate their time and efforts at the highest level was priceless to my small budget organization.  She has an impeccable reputation in the community and is someone who is sought after by not only individuals but big organizations also.The Annual Benefit was a huge success. The evening was sold out for the first time ever and made the most money for the organization compared to any other past years. Kelly’s strong leadership skills and constant vision for the evening would be a benefit to any organization.I highly recommend Kelly Delamater and Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events for any event you are planning. She is the premiere event planner in the Rockford Region and we were so very fortunate to have her leadership for our event.Sincerely,Tamie Kellerman, MPA / Executive Director / The Haven Network815.316.8564 /


Card from the Girls at The Haven Network – March 2014Kelly,What a blessing you were and are to each of us. Your energy is contagious! Thank you for doing what you do so that we can do what we do! ( borrow your phrase :O) You are a gift!Thank YOU! TiffanyKelly,I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing you made our auction. Our goal of taking it to the next level was achieved. Your love and compassion for us and our families was evident every day.You brought it, Girl!!!!!! ‘Thank You!’ just doesn’t seem like enough…xoxox KathyKelly,We cannot thank you enough! EVER! Your heart for our families and our babies means so very much to us! Thank you! Tami



Our daughter was married on February 22nd of this year.  The wedding was a fairly large event with over 270 guests invited to the Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farm for a sit-down dinner and an evening of celebration and music.Two weeks before our daughter’s wedding, with many of the plans in place, I made one of the best decisions in the wedding planning process and determined that a “day of” coordinator was essential.With a referral from a friend and many lists in hand, I gave Kelly a call hoping she would be available on short notice and could jump into our plans, take ownership, and make the day as seamless as possible for our family.I have more than twenty years in the event planning process so I am fully aware that walking in to someone else’s plans in the 11th hour can often be more difficult than planning every detail from the beginning.  A brief phone call with Kelly and a meeting shortly thereafter quickly confirmed that Kelly was the perfect choice for this challenge.Kelly’s experience in event planning, specifically weddings, allowed her to quickly make suggestions for improvement and to take our existing ideas one step further to make them even better.  Kelly’s long-term partnerships with many of our vendors insured that communications and changes with all parties would be managed well.  She knew their strengths, weaknesses and understood how to get the best out of each of them for such a special day.On the day of the wedding, with a complicated decorating plan, a full band for the cocktail hour and a DJ for the rest of the evening, not to mention photographers and videographers, I spent the morning with the bride-to-be and her wedding party; more than comfortable leaving the day’s details in Kelly’s capable hands.When I arrived at the reception after the ceremony at the church, I was amazed at how well Kelly had pulled the plans together.  The room was dazzling, the guests were thoroughly enjoying themselves, and the effective and efficient manner in which Kelly handled each vendor allowed them to perform to their best ability.We have one more daughter that may be getting married in the next few years and I will keep Kelly’s contact information close at hand, though this time I promise to call her sooner!  It is with great pleasure that I recommend Kelly as the planner for your event or special day.Sincerely, Julia Valdez, Mother Of The Bride



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Kelly & The Backyard Soiree team simply GOT IT DONE! We were extremely impressed with our entire wedding planning experience.  With so much time, emotions, and resources involved with such an important life event, it was critical for us to have a professional wedding expert on our side.We were most grateful for Kelly’s dedication to us ‘on and off’ the clock. Her creative ideas, vendor referrals, and her day of coordination (the flow of the day) went above and beyond our expectations. After every phone call and every meeting with Kelly, we felt more confident and excited about what the day would be like. She literally went the extra mile (more than once)- transporting all of her resources, referrals, and negotiating skills to Chicago for our wedding.On December 27, 2014… it all came to life. Every detail was thought out and executed beyond our expectations for us, our family, and guests. It certainly was a “forever moment”.  We will be forever grateful to Kelly for her guidance, her love, and her time that she put into our wedding. If you are looking for the same for your big day, look no further. John & Emily



I had the privilege of working with Kelly Delamater of Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events on an event called “Run for the Roses – A Kentucky Derby Style Event”. It was a fundraiser for Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center.I contacted Kelly and met with her at the end of February of 2013 for an event that was scheduled to be held on May 3, 2013. The only thing that had been decided on and done was the venue – which was The Prairie Street Brewhouse.Due to such a short notice, Kelly didn’t hesitate. She leaped into full gear and gathered several vendors, and began planning the “décor”.  She created a room and the atmosphere that literally transported the guest to the “Kentucky Derby” on a very small budget with a very short time frame. Kelly was so much fun to work with—she gathered and coordinated the overall vendors and décor for the event.  Kelly met with me and the committee and established a timeline and flow and encouraged us all that the vision for the evening was on schedule and would be exactly what would be needed to create a fun and relaxed event to raise funds for this nonprofit organization.For months following the event, we had guests who stated they couldn’t wait until next year to attend the “Run for the Roses” event.Thank you Kelly for all you created and completed to provide a beautiful evening!!Kathleen Hughes, Director at Healing Pathways Cancer Resource Center

Brides Review, sent from Megan Guffey of The Knot (the


“Bringing Kelly on board was the single best decision we made. Kelly with her warmth, enthusiasm and dedication will work so hard to make your wedding day EXACTLY what YOU want it to be. It was wonderful to meet with her ahead of time to brainstorm ideas, and I can’t imagine going through the day of the wedding without knowing that she and her fantastic assistant, Abby, were there taking care of every little detail. Kelly is a phenomenal, giving, gracious, person and I’m so happy that she was also our wedding planner. You will love her.”



Mother of Bride 
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly,
Thank you so much for helping Megan, Marc and I plan a beautiful wedding. We couldn’t have even begun to create such a wonderful event. You relieved us of so much stress! It was PERFECT!
Everyone had a memorable time! It was just beautiful.
You were Grrrrreat!
Many Heartfelt Thanks,



Normally I am a big control freak, but I had a great experience with Kelly! We planned our wedding from Colorado and it was great to have someone to send “progress reports” to, making sure that we didn’t miss any details. She was by far the most valuable in the few days leading up to and the day of our wedding. Her creative touches made the reception look great and allowed me to relax and enjoy time with my family and friends. I was blissfully ignorant through most of my wedding day, and I credit her for that! Everything worked out exactly as we planned, and for that I am extremely grateful. You really want nothing more when planning a big event, and I got exactly what I wanted on my wedding day. Thank you for all you did! – Rachel (& Michael) Anderson




“Kelly listens and then gives great inspiration!  She is an excellent event planner with an exceptional eye for detail and she has great taste at a reasonable cost.”


Bringing Kelly on board has been the best wedding planning decision we have made, hands down!  Her wonderful ideas, encouraging enthusiasm, and willingness to help at every step of the way has been an enormous weight off of our shoulders! I know that our “big day” will be unique to us and memorable for our guests. Thank you for making this process so much fun, Kelly!  You’re a lifesaver!” Laura Pfau

Note – Laura from Auroa 

Where to begin? Throughout these past months planning with you, I feel like I’ve made such a wonderful friend in you! I’m going to miss talking to you and meeting with you. So, we should plan to keep in touch and get together (if you want to and have time)! I just love you, your happiness, positive energy & vision – so much. And now for the thanks – though I had to start with the fact that I feel like I’ve really gained a friend in you – because that’s why I feel that everything was so wonderful at the wedding. Your efforts and dedication and attention to detail made every single moment of our wedding day absolutely perfect. I was so calm & confident that things would be perfect because they were in your incredibly capable hands. And they were perfect. As I write this, I realize that there really aren’t words enough to express my most heartfelt thanks to you for all that you’ve done and all the joy you brought to the process of planning and to my heart. You are a very special lady, and I feel so lucky and so blessed to be able to have had you helping make our wedding fantastic.

Thank  you.
Love you.
(I took up the whole card, But Adam’s thanks is coming. He told me today, “I hate to use a cliche’, but Kelly is worth her weight in gold” we <3u!

Mother of the Bride

Dear-Dear-Dear Kelly,

There are no words to adequately thank you for ALL YOU DID to make Laura’s wedding soooo special. Thanks to you (and Abby) it was a very relaxing and memorable day for all of us. Kelly, I so enjoyed getting to know you better. I am singing your praises to all who ask about the wedding!!!! You are an absolute TREASURE!!!!!

Thanks for putting so much love into everything you do.

Love, Peggy

Father of the Bride
Thanks Kelly, for a job very well done. Couldn’t have done it without you. Have already recommended you to others.
Will continue to do so –



Debbie, Mother of Bride-To-Be:

“With the wedding 5 months out and nothing done-we met with Kelly.  In 30 minutes we went from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Kelly is a breath of fresh air. Her enthusiasm and skill is unmatched.I have heard Cortney, relaying that she is excited and has no doubt  that her wedding will be a completely  unique and memorable event because Kelly is in charge.”



Kelly has been a dear friend of mine for years. I have witnessed her creative genius more times than I can count–so it was only fitting for me to hope she would be available to work her magic for two very special occasions — a Bridal Shower (during the Christmas Holiday) for my soon to be daughter in-law and the wedding of my eldest son….2 Weddings in 2 Years – WHEW!

But – No need to fret–Kelly to the rescue.  With the generosity of a friend who opened her home–Kelly created a theme for the winter Bridal Shower – including personalized Christmas ornamanets at each place setting – which served as take-home remembrances from the shower.

Kelly designed the menu and created the festive atmosphere for the entire event…putting my rather shy, daughter-in-law at ease, even when meeting most of the guests for the very first time. Everything was perfect!

On to our next event…

When my son told me that he and his fiance’ were planning on a wedding for 200 – I thought, ‘OK – with Kelly’s help- that’s doable’…but when they simply could not cut the guest list past 500 and we were already planning a wedding on a dime-I panicked and knew for certain that I must rely on Kelly Delamater’s expertise!

I cannot begin to describe the amazing creativity and order that Kelly brought to our wedding experience. I will admit – I was overwhelmed as I saw no way that we could possibly provide the event from start to finish that Alisha and Lennox deserved on the budget we were working with….I mean 500 people.

My desire for this wedding was to be beautiful and special-not only for Ali and Len, but for all of our guests. But how do you create that intimate feeling with such a large group?  Where do you put everyone? How do you feed that many people? How do you create a unique and personal experience and a beautiful and inviting ambiance in such a large venue…as well as an easy flow at the reception for that many people?

Kelly was not the least deterred. She met with Lennox, Ali and I to determine what things were most important to them and what exactly we could afford. She was sensitive to our limited budget and took advantage of all available resources and free man power we could muster. Kelly truly took the stress out of the entire event for us by taking charge and handling minute details–that we would have never even considered.

Every detail was attended to with utmost concern, and unmatched creativity. It was an absolutely beautifully designed and orchestrated event!! What you won’t see is the love, and warmth, and joy that Kelly brings to everything she touches.  It truly was a most joyful event, and we could not have done it without Kelly!!

Alisha Barnett | 500+ Wedding and Reception in a Mall 
We can only rave about our experience with our dear friend, Kelly. She invested way more time, talent, and resources than we could’ve ever expected and our wedding really was the Best day of our life and many, many, many thanks to her! Her creativity was so astonishing and really was such a blessing as we were trying to have a momentous wedding on a dime. She was so gracious when we increased our guest list a few months before the wedding from 350 to 500 and to say the least, she was our fearless leader!! I cannot imagine having to plan a wedding of that magnitude and if it weren’t for her, we would’ve probably decided to elope and would’ve missed out on the incredible magic of the entire day. From the first day of the planning process, Kelly made sure we knew the wedding was “about us” and was determined to do anything and everything she could to make sure this day was perfect. AND IT WAS. She shared the fun of making the decisions with us but then released us from the stressful pressures of making appointments and meeting with caterers, florists, photographers, etc. To this day, we are amazed that Kelly planned through and made sure even the tiniest of details were cared for and we didn’t have to worry about a thing. We were able to actually spend the day Celebrating!!! She was and is a bigger blessing to us than we could ever put into words!!!


Freshening UP & Seasonal Decorating at Victoria’s Salon

Working with Kelly has been a great experience!!! She really gets to know you personally, finds out your likes & dislikes. She has helped me take my salon, Victoria’s, to the next level. My clients love my new look.
Kelly is very money savvy. She works with what you have by re-purposing items and adds to it!!
When I have my future projects for my salon or home, Kelly will be my 1st call!
Kelly is a very awesome, creative and a true friend when working with her. I have truly enjoyed working with her!!!
Victoria Boggus
Victoria’s Salon

Lora Stevens Mckee 

If you want to have that dream wedding and reception, then having Kelly Delamater help with your wedding coordination will make your special day even more perfect.

First, I have been friends with Kelly for years, and had witnessed her approach for event planning on the corporate level–it was only fitting that I have her help with my wedding. She has the creativity, organization and even shopping skills to make every detail just perfect.

After meeting a few times to talk about what my vision was, Kelly worked with the banquet center, the florist, the caterer, and the church on details I did not even know about, in most cases I didn’t even think about, but with her past experience she knew what it took to pull it off to make it less stressful for me and more enjoyable for my guests. My event was perfect.

Kelly, in all cases went above and beyond working more than a friend but often as a counselor, she was able to bear my stress. She knew when I was overly stressed; she knew how to calm me down. She really made my day just perfect.

Although I am not planning another wedding, I would highly recommend Kelly for any of event planning needs and will use her again for corporate events.

Should you want more information about Kelly’s strengths, do not hesitate to call me. I can be reached at or 815-440-5289

Lora Stevens McKee MBA,RP®
Savant Capital Management

GALLANO WEDDING | 400+ at the Boone County Fairgrounds

Kelly is the kind of person who thinks from the heart and gives from the heart. She started at the beginning with us and made it her mission to know us and our love/family. She walked with us every step of the way feeling the joys and frustrations of the process. Kelly made our wedding day awesome for us, our family and all 400+ guests. Exhibit Hall 1 at the Boone County Fairgrounds was turned into a breath taking reception hall inside & out!