Jess & Jeff’s BEST DAY EVER! (as promised)


When it comes to Sweetest Brides – this Planner is winning! Jess is right up there – neck and neck – with the best of them. She is one that I wish everyone could know. In my mind, I often find myself, planning a Backyard Soiree in order to gather my ‘Backyard Brides’ and their Queen Mothers. They should all know each other and would all love each other and I would be in Backyard Soiree Heaven! Anyway -> this Bride is adored by her Daddy and a ‘chip off of her Sweet Momma’ and Jeff is the wise man who took her for his own. Now, the truth is, Jess found herself a Man among Men. He is kind and wise, he is generous and easy to be around–and there is never a moment when he has forgotten who the most important woman in the room is. Jeff, too, is a product of a Mother and Father who have loved each other and raised him well. And all of this has trickled down to Jess and Jeff. They have the kind of love that you read about or see in a movie-they are connected at all times, yet, completely themselves with a world of friends each. This is a good story happening here and I am grateful I had a front row seat to their ‘kick-off of happily-ever-after.’ Kiss Kiss – Kelly










"Prairie St Brewhouse wedding reception"

"Prairie St Brewhouse wedding reception"

"Prairie St Brewhouse wedding reception"

"Prairie St Brewhouse wedding reception"



"prairie st brewhouse wedding"






Thanks to my friend, Ryan Davis, for capturing this most important day filled with most important moments and details.

Let it be known that it is all his fault that it takes me FOR – EV -ER! to post an album – because I have to look at every photo, and then I love every single one-yet, am only to select 20 photos for posting. That’s just wrong. I have spent months planning, designing and consulting with Jess and her Queen Mother over every detail and minute, in order to package this day of forever moments, –  therefore, I feel connected to every flipping photo! I can’t do it – it’s too painful — so, I narrow down to 100 and delegate the job of trimming photos down to 20 to My Angel Assistant, Abby. Lord Bless Her!

THANK YOU’s –                                                                                                            -to SARAH AXELSON for the custom design and all the paper pieces wished for – to Shannon Sutton of SS ILLUSTRATIONS for creating the onsite chalk signage in keeping with Sarah’s design,and all painted signage – to FLOWERS by HALEY, BEAUTIFUL DAY LINENS, EMBELLISH SPECIALTY RENTALS, MARY’s MARKET, THE CRAVERY, THE DAIRYHAUS, MEN OF OUR TIMES, LUXE PRODUCTIONS and ROCKFORD CHARTER COACH for locking arms with us and operating at the highest level to deliver this BEST DAY EVER. Thank YOU to Autumn Tree Flims for capturing Jess’s day. To see it, click here…

To view more photos from Jess & Jeff’s BEST DAY EVER! go to


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