Patrick & Tiana Always

1 IMG_118

1.5 IMG_09063 IMG_00564 IMG_0179


IMG_0342IMG_034910 IMG_0448

14 IMG_0900

12 IMG_08931321 IMG_102124 IMG_106429 IMG_131434 IMG_152638 IMG_150539 IMG_155040 IMG_184642 IMG_151544 IMG_182349 IMG_193650 IMG_198557 IMG_2459This Love Story is pure happiness – how they met, what they were thinking, how it played out, and then how he proposed.

To get to go on the Journey to I Do and be a part of this BEST DAY EVER fills my heart and I COULD NOT WAIT TO SHARE THESE PHOTOS. As per usual, it has taken hours to choose from the hundreds taken by the gifted, Mandy Blair but, I loved every minute of the viewing and selecting and I am pleased to relay that the day was as perfect as it looks.

This Darling Bride had a vision and together we sipped wine and ‘married’ her vision with the time of year and the venue and planned every last detail. Her Groom was completely supportive and adoring, at times accompanying me to vendor meetings, when she could not (I have tears as I type – I get the Best Brides and the Greatest Grooms).

This Bride and Groom were intentional and reverent as they planned for and then moved through their day. And it was full of sentiment and marking moments, honoring those not with us and absolute gratefulness to their Maker and His hand in bringing them together.

I couldn’t love them more and today I am wishing them the happiest first anniversary and many happy returns of the day.

Thank you’s are in order:
Mandy Blair Photography, Loomis Video, The Flower Bin, SS Illustrations, Tiana’s Queen Mother for the most perfect DIY (with TLC) Bows, Runners & Draping, Mary’s Market Catering and McEachran Homestead Winery


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