Martin Estate Wedding: Cortney and Jake

Cortney & Jake


To Skip ‘BEFORE’ and Journey to ‘I Do’ scroll down to professional photos.


The Martin Estate: View from The Bedroom Loft which will be where DJ/Luxe Productions will set up and work from.
View of Kitchen Area which will be Cupcake Table and Bar once Space is flipped from the Ceremony to the Reception.

The Martin Estate: View from The Loft of Fireplace & Living Area, which will be set with HighTop Tables & Stools for the Reception.

The Martin Estate: View from The Loft of Office Area which will be set for Reception with HighTop Tables & Stools.
The Martin Estate: Where DJ/Luxe Productions will set-up and operate.
The All Day Jelly Belly Meeting with Cortney to talk design, invitations, menu, ceremony & reception components, vendors, layout, To Do’s for Who’s and Timeline.
For longer than I like-I didn’t know how I was going to decorate for this wedding at ‘extremely-from-the-future’ Martin Estate. I didn’t love the idea of actual flower arrangements –> unless there were gobs of big blooms, they would be ‘lost’—even ‘swallowed alive’ in this steal and cement place. I contemplated dense greens – which would have been fun and a nice contrast but not very eventful…
And then, it happened…while in a department store on a mission for another client in need of a ‘fresh look’ for her home before her son’s graduation party…FINALLY and THANKFULLY-out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the white vases–white vases, which I normally would have passed by without even a second look. NOT TODAY—today, I put the brakes on and backed it up and took it in—I loved that one of the vases cut-out holes were rounded triangles floating every way—which kind of tied in with the triangles which are the whole structure (&what John Martin loved) of the Estate. And on the way to purchase items, I found the silver tray which I knew would look even more lovely with rows of filled champagne glasses resting atop…the vision and flow for the celebration were coming together…
The extremely ‘from the future’ look of The Martin Estate demanded we rise to the occasion in decor. Purchasing White Vases and Metal flowers were the answer and allowed us the opportunity for a Forever Momento decorating the home of the Bride and the Mother of the Bride and Momentous Gifting and selling in order to recoup the cost. There are a million ways to use these vases-whether  a great statement in an Entry Way, A Master Bedroom or Bath, on a Hearth…and they will be super cool to work with for the Christmas Holiday.
2 Lanterns were set at the All Glass Revolving Door Entrance with a metal flower placed in each.
Cortney gifted these Lanterns as a ‘ThankYou’ to the owner of the Estate.
Champagne Glasses and Wine Glasses made and gifted by Backyard Soiree for the Bride & Groom and for their Queen Mothers (M.O.B. & M.O.G.)
At 2nd Meeting with Cortney, I laid out and wrote an idea for the wording and layout of this invitation. I was elated to hear Cortney say…’this is exactly what I want and just looking at this makes me so happy.’ Heather @jacksprat came from a ‘Yes-Place’ and ‘to the rescue’ – she worked her magic and it was more lovely than this photo conveys…with a metalic silver back.
On Tuesday before the wedding, I was at Annie & Joe’s of The Sweetery, to determine placement of the pedestals for cupcakes and cake-pops. Cortney had pre-purchased pieces she wanted to use. Since we would be flipping space from the Ceremony to the Reception – I knew we wouldn’t have time to place the cupcakes in a lovely way in which it was clear to guests which flavor was which with out a pre-determined plan.
On Wednesday evening – I set up shop at The Martin Estate. It was the first of four 2am-3am nights I would be spending in preparation. These tables were for creating the centerpieces and in a couple of days they would be where we prepared the appetizers for the Champagne Toast on the lawn.
Cort’s Daddy took the ‘line the chairs’ item off my list on Wednesday eve-which he did to perfection-and which, I needed so that I could place the white vases and arrange the metal flowers. The first of the next four evenings when I would receive a call from Mr.HandsomePants checking in and scolding me for being there so late. It’s good to be loved. :O)
Ceremony Decor: White Vases and one Black Satin Ribbon added to one vase of each grouping…
Ceremony Space at The Martin Estate
Early the week of the wedding, there had been a miscommunication on who was preparing the food and overseeing the execution thereof…it was a matter of hours before it would be me.
So, thanks to some dear friends (Tiffany! and Victoria!) who delivered their serving dishes directly to my door…I set up the food tables which would be mirror images on each side of the circle drive for guests to enjoy during the champagne hour while the Space was being flipped from the Ceremony to the Reception.
Veggies Shots, Shrimp Cocktail (Jake’s Favorite), Cheese&Grapes and Sushi (Cortney’s Favorite)
Fun texts from Cortney while I was at Estate compiling centerpieces and cinching cocktail table linens…
Reception Seating. The Centerpieces were simple and elegant. Inside Centerpieces: black candles set in sparkly black sand with a sparkly black tulle tied on with black monogrammed ‘C’ ribbon.
Reception Seating
A Cortney Sandwich…M.O.Bride-To-Be, Debbie, Cortney and I just before she gets ready for the Rehearsal
Rehearsal with Judson Polling
The Groom-To-Be! going to get ready to get married! :O
GuestBook of Engagement Photos taken&given by the humble, generous, C. Tyson Photography.
Setting Up for Champagne Toast and Hors d’oeuvres immediately following the Ceremony.
Mirror Image of Set-Up for the Champagne Toast and Hors d’oeuvres immediately following the Ceremony.
Mirror images of soft seating and tables, etc. being prepared for Champagne Toast and Hors d’oeuvres.
One of Outdoor Soft Seating areas.
A day before request to C. Tyson Photography, to provide the printed engagement photos of Cortney and Jake to display on the Bar during the Ceremony and on CupCake Table. This photo of the counter was taken less than four hours to Ceremony and the post-it notes mean there are still some ‘To Do’s!
BEFORE: The CupCake/CakePop Table…ready with post-its to guide Annie and Joe of The Sweetery with placement.
AFTER: The Cupcake/Cake-Pop Table.
The Get-A-Way Car.
Groom’s Gift

On her way to the ‘First Look’
The Reveal
The Sweetery
Cupcakes, Mini’s and Cake-Pops by The Sweetery
Irish Car Bomb Groom’s Cake by The Sweetery
A short greeting to guests and invitation to sip on Champagne and enjoy  Hors d’oeuvres while they slip away for a private moment. Upon their return there will be Champagne Toasts on the Lawn (while we flip the ceremony space for the reception)
Super Cute Wardrobe Change for the After Party
With the Newlyweds at The Nacho-Average Nacho-Cheese After Party
The Amazing Alex! and Sweet Kimmie.
My Assistant! Angel Abby! :O)!
Backyard Soiree ‘It’s Eventful’ was proud to ‘lock arms’ with C. Tyson Photography, Luxe Productions, The Sweetery and Jack Sprat.

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