Rachel & Jaron – A Family Affair


“Love is Sweet” is what the Banner on the Dessert Table read. Rachel and Jaron’s Saturday morning wedding will go down in the hearts of those who attended as a highlight in the ‘Weddings I’ve Attended’ category. This wedding was a Family Affair if there ever was one. Rachel and Jaron’s wedding had something for young and old and everyone in between–from the breath taking setting, the property of the Bride’s Grandparents, to Ukulele’s, to a Candy Table and Table Full of CupCakes&CakePops by the Sweetery. A Harp played while guests took their seats and awaited Rachel and Jaron’s Kick-Off to Happily Ever After. The Bride walked ‘ the green grass isle’ to Ukuleles and a guitar playing the instrumental version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” by two of the Groom’s Brothers and the Bride’s Brother. The Bride&Groom watered a Pear Tree (instead of lighting a Unity Candle or Pouring of Sand.) After the ceremony, guests were gathered for a group photo with the Bride and Groom–which allowed for the ceremony chairs to be transferred to the reception. Every table was graced with an antique, crocheted tablecloth, an antique crystal vase and a colorful, variety of antique pitchers from the Bride’s Grandma Carlson (the empty vases would be filled with the Bridesmaids bouquets.) The Mother of the Groom handmade the Dessert Table Banner and the ‘Mr.&Mrs.’ Banners on their chairs at the Sweetheart Table. All chalk signage was designed by the Mother of the Bride, sweetly and poetically welcoming guests at the Guest Book table to sign the Calendar on their Birthday, or to Jaron&Rachel’s Lemonade Stand and to help themselves to a mason jar glass, which they could customize with a colorful marker for their take-home gift and to filling it with one of three varieties of lemonade and then to the Candy Table and to help yourself to a fun striped bag for candy-filling.Candy Table included old time rock candy crystals on a wooden stick and slices of grapefruit and citrus slices flown from New York. The cake, variety of cupcakes and cakepops from The Sweetery as well as Mother of The Bride homemade apricot bars and Mother of the Groom sand tarts were impossible to choose from. One last table for guests had a spread of the Mother of the Brides homemade jalapeno, blue cheese and cheddar cheese balls with breadsticks, grapes, nectarines, Clementine’s and watermelon –so refreshing in the heat and a compliment to the array of desserts. And what could be better than actually getting to throw actual birdseed for the Bride and Groom’s send off? Now—what you won’t see is the beautiful hair piece that Rachel wore, custom made with her Mother and Grandmother’s Brooches by Ahndea May of Heirbloom and the colorful, beautiful antique brooches in Rachel’s Bridal Bouquet. I can’t wait to see the professional photographs by Mandy Blair Photography – who was true to the theme…pure sweetness to work with—but until then-I offer you what I snapped to tied us over. Kelly of Backyard Soiree was proud to ‘lock arms’ in the planning with The Mother of the Bride, Gini, Annie&Joe of The Sweetery, Ahndea May of Heirbloom, Catherine/Florist, Anna of Beautiful Day Linens and Mandy Blair Photography.



The Reveal.









The Bride and Groom served each other communion…


                                                 Jaron&Rachel’s Lemonade Stand: Three Flavors of Lemonade w/markers to customize the label of your Take-Home Mason Jar Glass.

‘Love is Sweet’ Banner Handmade by Mother of Groom. Cupcakes&CakePops by The Sweetery, Mother of Groom Homemade Sandtarts, Mother of Bride Homemade Apricot Bars

Help Yourself Candy Table: Guests were invited to help themselves to a fun striped bag for candy-filling. Candy Table included old time rock candy crystals on a wooden stick and slices of grapefruit and citrus slices flown from New York.
534661_10101990862048310_88236752_n 431761_10101990861903600_613665340_n
 Harp was played as guests arrived. Pear Tree in fore front for Bride&Groom to water together during the ceremony.
Ukulele Instrumental of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ by two of Groom’s brothers and Bride’s Brother on Guitar.
Here comes the Bride…
The Bride and Groom served each other communion
In place of the Unity Candle, the bride and groom watered a pear tree during the ceremony.

All antique, crocheted tablecloth overlays belonged to Grandma Vi. Antique Vases and Pitchers were either Gramma Vi’s or Mom of the Bride’s personal pieces.
Beautiful Day Linens & Florals by Catherine

Bridemaids Bouquest were used for centerpieces at reception.
and they lived Happily Ever After! (photos by Mandy Blair Photography)

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