Artichokes&Gardenias~The Wedding of Megan & Marc


Ribbon and Eucalyptus touches on this timeless cake by Patricia’s Patisserie.

Oh Happy Day!!!!!
Marc & Megan Hooks – September 1, 2012

Megan Wilson, now Mrs. Marc Hooks had a good chunk of the planning for her wedding day done. But–as she looked down the barrel of the last two months, Megan was starting to feel that she needed some help with pulling it all together. Megan runs the local DaVita Dialysis. She cares for every patient, oversees the staff and answers to the powers that be–sometimes traveling two-to-three times a week and she does with her whole heart–>WHO has time to plan, style and coordinate a wedding?!

Megan’s wedding would be September 1st at The Prairie Street Brewhouse. Her colors: olive, copper and creme! Megan would be wearing a cream, tea-length wedding dress and her Bridesmaids were wearing olive. And if all of that didn’t THRILL me enough—wait for it—>Megan’s Bridesmaids bouquets were going to be succulents! SOMEBODY. PINCH. ME!!!!!!

So-we set up a meeting. Not only did I get to meet Marc & Megan, I got to meet Megan’s Momma, Vicki. (BONUS! I had no idea the fun that would be in my future-love me some Momma-Vicki!) We talked about Megan & Marc’s vision for their wedding day. Megan wanted her wedding to feel warm and welcoming – in addition, Megan was hoping that I might help her renovate and decorate their condo in the fall. Once we set up meetings with their vendors, Megan, Vicki and I met for an afternoon of shopping. My thought: see what kind of pieces Megan is drawn to and if we can incorporate for the wedding and then use for decorating their condo in the fall. After four hours and four shopping carts full of metal art, fabric remnants, copper tiles, votives, lanterns and gathering a little audience as I attempted to create a ceremony mock-up in the store aisle, I had the elements needed to create a warm&welcoming’ ambiance at The Brewhouse for Megan’s Wedding Day. On September 1, 2012 upon arriving at The Brewhouse, Megan’s face did not disappoint.

CENTERPIECES were Backyard Soiree inspired&assembled. They contained various greens, pussy willows and moss with one gardenia per threesome and actual artichoke wrapped in copper wire and carved for holding a glass votive.

Thank YOU, Megan & Marc. It was my joy and pleasure to style, plan and coordinate your wedding–and once again in the process-I got to know and love you, your family and friends. I can’t wait to see the video of the unique Bridal Party entrance and I’m so glad the fun will continue as we do some renovating and decorating in the fall at your condo.




Guests signed a Leaf on this Tree in lieu of signing a traditional Guest Book. Framed Tree now hangs in the Home of the Newlyweds, a ‘Forever Momento’ from their Wedding Day.


Monogramed ‘H’ Cup for holding writing utensils and then a Gift from Backyard Soiree to the Bride and Groom.


In place of Escort Cards this Guest Seating Guide Welcomed Guests with a ‘We’re glad you’re here!’ It eliminated the time and monetary investment of Escort Cards-which are tossed at the end of the day–as well as the space and time needed on the Day-Of to place.


Centerpieces: Each Centerpiece Grouping hosted One Gardenia and one actual artichoke, which was wrapped in copper wire and carved out to hold a candle votive. (A Backyard Soiree original design for Meg whose color palette was Olive, Creme and Copper—with the desire that the room be warm and welcoming like guests were coming to their home.)


Copper ‘H’ Wreath made on site by Backyard Soiree to ‘include’ the large white linened buffet tables-just in case they were accidentaly captured in the backdrop of the Ceremony Photographs. It then served double duty as the focal point of the Head Table during the Reception. Copper ‘H’ Wreath was gifted to Marc & Megan for their home, another Momento of the Day.


Succulents and Such! Gor-gee-ous!


Ceremony Space and then, the backdrop for the Head Table, which would be set up during the Cocktail Hour while guests were in the Ice Cellar.


A Welcoming Entrance to Marc & Megan’s Guests…


Programs were placed at each place setting for the ceremony.


Actual Artichokes wrapped in Copper Wire and carved for holding the candle votive, completed this Ménage á Trois.


‘V’ & ‘N’ Queen Mother Wine Glasses made and gifted by Backyard Soiree for the MoB, Vicki and MoG, Nancy…with a package of tissue–just in case.


Choreographed Entrance and Original ‘V’ Bridal Party Arrangement by Backyard Soiree.




View from Gift Table – Grocery Bag wrapping with Creme Ribbon is card box by Backyard Soiree…



Fantastic Find: Copper Tiles less than a for $1each and will possibly serve as the Backsplash in their renovated kitchen.


On The Dock at The Prarie Street Brewhouse.




Me and My Meg. love.her.


Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hooks

Original Design, Planning and Coordination of Marc & Megan’s Wedding by Backyard Soiree

Backyard Soiree was pleased to lock arms with The Prairie Street Brewhouse, Luxe Productions for the Lighting and DJ, Event Floral for the Bouquets and Sarah Axelson for the Programs, Guest Book Tree and ‘Welcome’ Guest Seating Guide. Event Floral also provided the Elements for the Centerpieces.


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