John & Emily | Salvage One – Chicago


This post has been a loooooooooong time coming–>but, I promise you – it is worth it. As per usual, this was a wonderful ‘Journey to I DO’. Emily may have been the easiest, sweetest bride in the history of brides and I love that I got to work with her –> which means, know her and love her even more than you do when you meet her for the first time. Her groom, John, well, he loves her, too. He wanted her to have a wonderful ‘Journey to I Do’ and most wonderful wedding day, so, he was on the ‘Journey to I Do’ every step of the way. Now with them living, working and going to school in Chicago, we made the most of our planning & dreaming meetings. John is definitely the strong, silent type -.but, had more ideas and thoughts for the day than you would expect. Pretty much, the only thing that Emily was vocal about was her love for anemones, easy enough! They are both from Rockford, so we spent a day with Mom’s shopping Venue’s and then John did some shopping on his own in Chicago and came up with Salvage One — and that was that. We spent another day shopping caterers in Chicago and the afternoon at Salvage One – so that we could familiarize ourselves with this mammoth space and customize it to make it John & Emily’s for the night. Thank YOU to Ryan Davis Photography, for these A-MAZ-ING photos, It is all his fault that I can’t narrow this post down to 20 photos – like I should (seriously, I was pleased with myself when I got it down to 100 photos — so pat me on the back for continuing to edit it to a nice number like 87! and thanks to my Angel Assistant Abby who condenses for the blog…I just can’t eliminate a photo!) For more details regarding the wedding and their story, see each photo description. Kiss Kiss – Kelly

Wedding lovingly planed, designed and coordinated by Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events (to view referral from J&E go to My Notes under the MORE Tab at Backyard Soiree Weddings and Events on Facebook) Vendor Thank YOU’s: Sarah Axelson/Custom Invitations&Signage, Ryan Davis Photography, Parker Nyquist Video, Blumgarten & Co. Florist, Occasions Chicago Catering, Molly’s Cupcakes, Rod Tuff Curls & The Bench Press Band, Binny’s Bar Supply and Ares Charter Transportation To enjoy the Highlight Video of their day by Parker Nyquist:

1932734_821123774634128_7774144847401081398_o 10985575_821124364634069_4062576884319223891_n Anemones and Dusty Miller to name a few… 1780161_821124037967435_565753056374190559_o

Welcome Bags – Custom Art and Pieces by Sarah Axelson for John & Emilly, filled with the regular goodies, a Greeting with the What’s & Where’s and Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips from Rockford, of course! 11034939_821124184634087_1925693323073902134_o

Seating Assignment – on a banner of cotton muslin, now hanging in the home of our Bride and Groom.  Another custom piece by Sarah Axelson especially for John and Emily.

View More:

Bar List – framed and in keeping with our custom design for J & E


Hazel and James! John’s Niece and Nephew Twins – ready to lead Uncle John’s Bride down the aisle to him. 11011469_821124441300728_1908918158750337876_o

The Reveal… 10461729_821125344633971_8373400556674764353_n

The Famous CHICAGO sign – in the garden of SALVAGE ONE… 10848623_821124451300727_6640695794955632541_o

The Un-Guest Book-Guest Book…a framed print of a Map of Chicago. for guests to sign – which now hangs in the home of J&E. 10440780_821125714633934_4193740860540387054_n 11018827_821125611300611_5038176171270758245_o

The Aisle in the Ceremony Space of Salvage One lit with candles is silver rimmed glass bowls with a touch of anemone. All of the Ceremony Aisle and Altar Decor was also Head Table decor. Stand by for a peek at the Floor Candelabras which were the simple framework for John & Emily during the Ceremony. 18278_821126181300554_3899701062268804797_n 10413343_821126311300541_7673573323161001544_n 10998897_821126987967140_1087801763223221970_o

Gasp and take in the gorgeous, floral topped candelabras that framed J&E for the ceremony and that served double duty as they went from being the focal point for the ceremony to being placed upstairs on the Head Table for the reception. 10354068_821127227967116_6682291525978865076_n TABLE NO. 1 – also known as The Head Table…awaiting it’s adornment from the Ceremony below… Custom Table Numbers in keeping with design for J&E by Sarah Axelson. Hand-blown mirror glass table hooks are property of Backyard Soiree and ‘Free with Me’


The Head Table – the guests view, as they entered the reception space. 10997516_821127144633791_7701316801708249565_o

Another showing of the custom muslin banner Seating Assignment – it was brought upstairs to the reception from the Cocktail Hour to join the Map Signing and the Gift Card Box. 11025783_821127241300448_6034723479920580532_n

A view of the awesome upstairs Salvage One dining and dance floor space. 10387567_821125514633954_3132237072335245591_n Lots of fun was had in the many spaces of Salvage One… 11010964_821127901300382_2458938598561254219_n The Wedding Party and all significant others had a place at The Head Table… 11009853_821128107967028_1300769541704568271_n I ‘loved how hard she laughed during the Best Man speech… 11033190_821128114633694_1406606418241190609_n and then they had their first dance to ‘My Girl’ sang and played by John’s groomsmen…with their wedding party looking on and ready to join them on the dance floor… 10923331_821128417966997_506937477603495435_n Thank You to my Angel Assistant Abby, for taking my 87 Photo Backyard Soiree Facebook Album Post to 21 – for this blog post – and then, I couldn’t stop myself and added two more. Kiss Kiss, Kelly


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